We take the following precautions to avoid cross contamination :

  1. All instruments are autoclaved in CLASS B AUTOCLAVE in sealed pouches and the pouch is only opened at the time of the procedure.

(Autoclaves are of 3 types – Class B, Class S and Class N, Class B being most reliable and Class N being the least reliable). Only B type cycles are considered safe, when providing sterilization of all 18 load types. Class B Sterilizers are class 1 medical device, ensuring the safety of doctors, their staff and patients and legally protects their practice. A Class B Autoclave meets the stringent European Standard EN 13060, Class B autoclaves are compact but their performance levels are comparable to those of the largest machines in hospitals. The letter “B” stands for “big small sterilizers”, because they are small machines that offer big performance. Any type of load can be sterilized in a Class B autoclave.)

2. Gloves, glasses, suction tips, needles/ syringes etc. which cannot be autoclaved are immediately disposed after every single use.
3. We use sterile face masks which prevent the spread of bacteria.
4. All surfaces are wiped clean with chemical sterilizers after each patient.